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Questions concerning an Oracle audit

Does Oracle give advanced notice before an audit?

You can read in the standard agreement that there is ‘upon 45 days’ written notice. 45 days may seem short to some, but as an end-ser, if you have been in control of all documentation and know what’s going on, it should be enough time to reply to the request. It is actually quite common though, that Oracle auditors will begin with the audit sooner than these stated 45 days.

How frequently can you anticipate an audit by Oracle?

An Oracle audit usually comes by every three to four years. This is mainly due to the fast that hardware is typically renewed after this amount of time.

What is the reason you are selected for an audit?

If you ask an auditor this, you will receive the answer that you have been selected at random. Actually though, there are two different channels through which a nomination for an audit occurs: Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS) or Oracle’s Sales department.

Will oracle be more lenient if we genuinely didn’t know we were not compliant?

The short answer here is: no, they will not. You are expected to adhere to all terms and conditions stated in the license agreement at all times, regardless of who you are. Oracle expects that you know what is stated in this agreement, and that you take full responsibility in living up to it.

Can I check myself if I am compliant by running the measurement script?

Unfortunately you cannot do this. You can receive information about usage and deployment but to read the exact output you would need in depth knowledge from Oracle or another specialized company to go through this data and compare them with current contracts to see what the exactly license compliance position is.   

A settlement is reached – is there anything else to worry about?

Make sure when you reach a settlement that you get a written confirmation (Close Letter).  The goal of this letter is to reassure that Oracle releases you from any and all debt and obligations that resulted from any compliance issues. If your case ends up in court, it will probably be public record and the negative publicity ant attention that arises can do more harm than the offense and fines.  

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