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Prepare for your visit and discover the best things to do in Amsterdam

When you are planning a trip to an unfamiliar country or city, you want to be prepared. This means checking various things, from the weather forecast to what side of the road cars drive. However, you also want to be sure there are several fun activities for you to do. That is why you would do well to look up the best things to do during your visit to Amsterdam in advance. You could do this by buying a travel guide on the city, or on the Netherlands in general. However, why waste your money? After all, you can easily find the best things to do in Amsterdam online. Specifically, on the Tours & Tickets’ website.

A list with activities for everyone

Tours & Tickets has compiled an easy list of the ten best things to do in Amsterdam. Every activity on this list has been tried and tested by millions of visitors before. That way, you are sure to enjoy them. Plus, the list contains activities of various kinds. After all, if you are visiting with your kids, you will want to do things that are suitable for all ages. If, however, you are visiting with your friends or your partner, you will want to see and do other things.

The top ten of Amsterdam

So, what exactly is on this list of best things to do in Amsterdam? The list highly recommends a visit to the Rijksmuseum where you can admire some of the world’s greatest works of art. This includes works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and more. The kids on the other hand will certainly love a visit to one the oldest zoo’s in Europe: the ARTIS Royal Zoo. Do you want to do some science? How about a visit to the interactive and child-friendly NEMO Science museum or a trip to Body Worlds Amsterdam? One of the best things to do in Amsterdam, naturally, is explore the city sights itself. That is why the list also recommends a guided city tour or a lovely cruise on the famous canals.

Visit the site to find out more

More information on these activities, and the rest of the top ten, can be found on the Tours & Tickets website. Be sure to visit it, as you can immediately buy tickets for every activity there as well. This will save you time during your visits as you’ll be able to avoid those long ticket queues.