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Learn everything you need to know about the Dutch M-form at this company near Nijmegen

If you are an expat working for a Dutch company, there are all kinds of financial matters you have to take care of. One of these matters is filing your tax return. You have probably already heard of the M-form – the form that you should use if you, as an expat, have not spent the entire year within the Dutch borders. This M-form is published entirely in Dutch and you could therefore probably use the assistance of a specialist if you do not speak the Dutch language; Witlox International Tax Advice near Nijmegen will happily tell you everything you need to know about this form.

How can this specialist in tax-related matters support you?

You may have received a letter from the government in which you are asked to file your tax return. It also states the date on which the tax return must be handed in. However, it is also possible to request a postponement. This specialist near Nijmegen can assist you in completing the Dutch M-form as well as requesting a postponement. You easily download a questionnaire at Witlox International Tax Advice’s website, fill out your personal details and subsequently send the completed questionnaire to the company’s office. This specialist will then arrange your tax return from start to finish.

Feel free to ask your tax-related questions

Besides assisting you in completing the Dutch M-form, this specialist near Nijmegen will also happily answer other tax-related questions. You could for example consider the tax return service – a specialist will provide you with fiscal advice that is tailored to your specific situation and you will annually receive a brochure with the Dutch taxation rules. Consequently, you will always be up to date with the latest developments and are assured that your tax return is filed correctly and in time. Would you like to receive more information? Visit the company’s website for an overview of all services.