International ship repair service for vessels in European harbors


Any damaged vessel needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Damaged vessels lying in a port only cost money for its company. So it makes sense you are looking for an international ship repair service that offers quick solutions. Most international ship repair services fix broken-down ocean going vessels on dry-docks. This however is not the most efficient option. You need to remove the ship from the harbor and set up scaffolding. This is costly and takes lots of time. Another option, which is quicker and cheaper, is to repair the ship while it is in the water at the harbor.

Certified divers fix your ship underwater

The damage to your ship can be underwater. Usually it takes a lot of time to fix this, as explained above. However, Antwerp Underwater Solutions repairs your vessel underwater at its current location. They employ certified divers in their international ship repair service. Cracks and holes of reasonable size can be welded shut underwater. Does the diver need a dry environment to do his job? Then he’ll create this environment with a cofferdam and carries out the repairs. Antwerp Underwater Solutions offers its international ship repair service in all European harbors.

Clear communication and no rushing

Even in emergency cases this company communicates clearly and doesn’t rush into things. If you want to use their international ship repair service, then just ask for a free quotation. They are available 24/7. After this initial contact (and after agreeing to the quotation) they will inspect your vessel thoroughly to make sure they understand every problem and don’t miss anything. The damage on your ship can also create problems in other parts of the hull for example. Furthermore, the thorough inspection allows them to work safely. This company will then give you an estimated time and the expected costs. After you agree with their plan, they’ll start repairing immediately!