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Filing your Dutch tax return has never been easier

At Witlox International Tax Advice you find professionals who are able to file our Dutch tax return. It is customary in the Netherland to tax husband and spouse separately on labor income, which is something of an oddity in other countries. However, it ensures clarity in your tax returns. Another Dutch tax return item is the withholding taxes. The withholding taxes can be considered as a preliminary payment of income tax, and the experts of Witlox International Tax Advice are more than happy to help and advice you about this. In short, it ensures you do not have to pay all your taxes at once at the end of the tax year.

How does the monthly tax deduction work?

Most of the existing tax deductions can be taken into account when filling out the monthly refund of income tax. It is however of the utmost importance to fill this Dutch tax return out correctly, as it could cost you a lot of money if you make mistakes. This is where the professionals of Witlox International Tax Advice come into the picture, as they make sure your Dutch tax return is filled out correctly and on time.

Contact a professional adviser for more than just a tax service

The professionals at Witlox International Tax Advice strive to offer a full range of services for expats. Everything an expat in the Netherlands need, they provide them with. Think about help with finding proper housing, school enrolment for students that start their semester in the Netherlands, services for settling in, and last but not least: work permits and all the necessary visa for your stay. Also if you would like the document of your Dutch tax return filed, make sure to contact the experts at Witlox International Tax Advice for all your questions.