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Dietary cation anion balance or difference: what does it mean?

If you are a dairy farm owner, dairy consultant or have a company in the animal feed industry, you are probably familiar with milk fever. It’s a common thing and you most definitely already thought about how to prevent milk fever. Kimtec International has the right solution for you. You will get a positive dietary cation anion difference when feeding a typical dry cow ration. This positive dietary cation anion difference can lead to an alkaloid metabolic state, rendering the parathyroid hormone receptors non-functional. Because of this, the dairy cow is unable to mobilize calcium to meet the lactation demands. To restore the dietary cation anion balance, it is recommended to use anionic salts. It will promote a more acidic metabolic state.

How to prevent milk fever

Milk fever can be prevented by using the nutrition additives and supplements by Kimtec International, like the administration of anionic salts. It makes it possible to reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows by using anionic salts like KatAn®. Anionic salts help restore the calcium level in dairy cows, which eventually prevent milk fever. At Kimtec, they are a true specialist in the field when it comes to dietary cation anion difference and preventing milk fever. They can tell you everything you need to know on economically feasible additives and supplements for the animal feed industry.

Get the feed additives and supplements from a specialist

Reducing calcium deficiency in dairy cows can be done by using the economically feasible feed additives and supplements produced and developed by Kimtec International. Are you wondering what Kimtec International can do for you in terms of feed additives and supplements? Want to know more about dietary cation anion difference? Or have any questions about reducing calcium deficiency in dairy cows? Get in contact with these specialist. They will tell you all about it.

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